We are the alias of every client.

The beauty of ALIAS is in our shared experience in B2B and our desire to make heroes of our clients — to be a natural extension of marketing teams, to build on the best of who you are while filling the gaps not just with best practice, but with next practice.


Our founders have spent a collective 46 years driving demand for some of the world’s most respected B2B brands. Marketing terminology changes, technology changes even faster, but we have stayed true to the core of great marketing: Know who you are talking to. Understand and acknowledge their situation. Provide useful information to help them make decisions—and impress them along the way.

Mike Boogaard

Mike Boogaard

Client Success // Co-Founder

I have been working with marketing & sales teams at enterprise brands, developing B2B marketing programs, for over  20 years. Whilst working for an American-based demand generation agency, I became hooked on revenue marketing (“bringing in dollars, euros and pounds rather than just improving open rates and time on site“) and co-founded ALIAS to help create marketing programs which deliver real, measurable value for our clients.

Julie Wisdom

Julie Wisdom

Strategy & Creative // Co-Founder

Most comfortable creating marketing that’s a bit outside the comfort zone, I am driven by proverbial ‘what-if’s. With 24 years as a journalist-turned-B2B-marketer at my back, starting an agency that believes in truth-in-marketing and using its expertise and vision to paint pictures of what’s possible came, well, quite comfortably.


Instead of asking, ‘Who is available?’ we ask, ‘Who has the right experience, knowledge and skillset?’ This gives you access to top talent, hand-picked from a pool of independent contractors across the UK, US and Ireland. And it enables you to maximise the experience and expertise of your in-house teams—without paying for the overhead of a traditional agency model.

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