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What do you do when, as a consumer mobile brand, you suddenly inherit thousands of business customers? Such was the case for Three Ireland in 2015, when it acquired O2 Ireland.

With this comes the challenge to develop a business brand, reposition itself in the Irish market, and gain credibility for its business offerings on the back of O2 — all whilst driving demand.


Content marketing


Content Hub
Targeted Media
Email Nurture


The approach to Three follows a storytelling framework (affectionately known as APP) we use to ensure communications and content will be effective:
Audience, Persuasion, Panache.

Know your audience

We conducted in-depth research into the target audience, starting with small to medium enterprise. The research revealed a distinct lack of understanding of the potential that telecommunications and related technologies could bring to Irish businesses and an intense hunger for knowledge.

Create a compelling, persuasive storyline

Using Three’s incredible subject matter experts and customers, we developed a content marketing strategy based on the principles of account-based marketing to generate and share high-value content for Irish SMEs.

Deliver with panache

The content (hosted on a Hubspot-driven content hub) itself is rich in substance and form (video, infographics, online tools, eguides, survey reports, webinars, articles…) and is distributed across a handful of business and tech publications in Ireland, in addition to the usual suspects LinkedIn and PPC.

“ALIAS has been an invaluable extension to our team, delivering high impact creative and content that really stands out and speaks to our audience. The partnership with them is working really well.”
– Three Ireland –

The numbers

Having just completed the first 12 months of the content marketing strategy to drive demand, Three has converted 19% of the audience into marketing qualified accounts. Success with SME content marketing has made the case for developing an account-based content marketing strategy for Enterprise and the Public Sector.

Here are a few of the key performance metrics.



Converted to MQA


Decrease in Brand Rejectors

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