Does the planet need another marketing agency?

Just as ‘yet another podcast’ is not something to disparage (if it provides a fresh, relevant perspective that can help you learn, grow, get leads, get inspired, get a clue), new agencies spun from the blood, sweat and tears of working with giants can bring you the best of everything — the experience, the creativity, the vim and vigour to not just make marketing, but to make marketing actually matter again.

We are ALIAS. Hello, world. We work as a natural extension of your internal marketing and sales teams. The rational, emotional, frisky, stubborn, understanding, provocative marketing partner that will gently push you to get comfortable outside your comfort zone.

Bits of our perspective — some of the issues that will be tackled right here in the coming days, weeks, months, years…


ONE // Don’t just rely on what’s proven; build on it.

I can confidently tell you, you do not have issues that are unique. That’s a good thing, because there is already a solve for most of what you are dealing with. (This is where the experience of old[er] people in a new[er] agency comes in.)

Where marketing gets interesting and fun (yes, please, both every day) is in the opportunities that exist to not just get it done, but do it in a way that stimulates, motivates, excites. Customers and your team. Which brings me to my point:

You need to be that ‘guy’. Inventing next practice, not just relying on best practice.


TWO // Marketing and sales make great bedfellows.

Marketers need to remember, you exist to feed sales. But if you believe you are (or are judged on) simply filling a trough, things will remain, well, muddy. And sales teams need to acknowledge that a considered purchase is a slow burn best tended (first) by the loving hands of marketers.

With this understanding in place, you have the perfect setting for making marketing matter again. We’ve seen it many times; it can be an epiphany for both. Whether this is internal sales and marketing teams, or sales and marketing from partner companies coming together — things work best when respectfully integrated.


THREE // Managing change is an artform.

Things move so quickly today — the marketing technology landscape itself is enough to gobsmack even the most resilient marketer.

Rapid change is actually a thing of beauty because it represents opportunity. Both exhausting and exhilarating, it allows us to test and tune at a pace we’ve not seen before.

The trick is to get comfortable managing that change within your larger organisation and within your team. The best agency partners understand this, have been through it, and can help you navigate the waters.


FOUR // Get comfortable being comfortable outside your comfort zone.

Marketers should embrace the power within. CMOs and their teams now wield the biggest swords when it comes to business impact. (Whether this is recognised is a different issue…)

Think about it — marketing is at the root of what makes business succeed. And even when things are going well, there is always room for growth. Most CMOs are now responsible for a percentage of revenue, still a relatively new phenomenon that requires the ability to embrace new pressures with grace.

This should be reflected in everything marketing touches. Be bold, confident with new challenges. Embrace what you can’t necessarily see yet. It’s calculated risk that comes with equivalent rewards.

So back to the original question:

Does the planet need another marketing agency? We like to think there is a special place — not too big, not too small, but purpose-fit just for us and our clients.