Case stORY: Computer Sciences Corporation


The CIO target audience is not interested in a conversation about the vendor’s offering—the hybrid cloud. In addition, the target for the CSC & Oracle hybrid cloud solution is the C-suite: a notoriously difficult audience to reach. The time pressures under which they operate, the gatekeepers who protect them, and their resistance to being “marketed at” all conspire to make them highly elusive.


Account-based marketing


Direct Mail


Armed with great insight and a creative idea targeting very specific business outcomes, we strategically shared the campaign across seven channels ranging from Twitter to roundtable events to direct mail. By effectively surrounding the target audience with highly personalised content and consistent messaging, we were able to create awareness, drive engagement and ultimately initiate consideration of the offering.

“CSC’s marketing has been much more personal in the way it has approached me and thus has caught my attention. The result is that I have engaged with many of the opportunities presented to me which have helped inform our strategy and subsequent solutions design.”
– CIO, Largest UK Health Service Organisation

The numbers

This campaign delivered impressive results for the CSC, from engagement (720% improvement on previous campaigns) through social reach (3x LinkedIn benchmark) to sales (multi-million dollar pipeline that delivered 335:1 ROI).

Here are a few of the key performance metrics.


Increased in Engagement


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