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Being the alias of every client means we not only provide typical agency services; we also work with you to maximise the effectiveness of your own teams.

Third-party consultancy and workshops are a great way to bring teams together, to work through complex or even seemingly-simple tasks, and to ensure you have the DIY tools your team needs to make the most of your marketing.

All workshops are interactive and are bespoke to your company, your level of sophistication, and your priorities.

ABM: The 7 Essentials for Successful Execution

If you are starting out on your ABM journey or struggling to achieve success, this workshop is for you. This practical workshop, based on our 7 Essentials Guide, will cover the prerequisites for ABM, building the internal business case, aligning Sales & Marketing, account selection and mapping, campaign development, execution and measurement.  You and your team will walk away with practical insights, best practice examples, useful tips and templates.

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ABX: Aligning Around an Account-Based Content Experience

Account-based marketing (ABM), which focuses on building relationships with individuals at specific target accounts, could be the killer app for great content. But marketing can’t develop the content strategy in a vacuum. In this workshop you’ll learn how marketing and sales can align around a shared content strategy that puts your most valuable customers at the centre.

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The Art of Persuasion: Building Customer Curiosity, Confidence & Revenue with an ABM Strategy

Savvy B2B marketers have seen the huge potential that account-based marketing offers, but far fewer are actually seeing the promised outcomes. In this two-hour on-site workshop, your team will learn from ABM experts with an impressive track record developing ABM programmes for enterprise companies.

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Content is the New Creative: How to Amplify your Strategy for 2018

As if content weren’t a hot enough topic, with GDPR taking effect May 2018 content marketing in the UK, Ireland and across Europe will be the single most important method marketers can use to broadly reach decision-makers and influencers. In this two-hour on-site workshop, your team will learn how to best frame a content strategy around the conversations your audience wants to have — and how best to get it in front of them.

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